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Afford oysters at home or at work!

Oysters from producer to consumer


Works Council - especially - bulk order




 OYsters delivered to your home or your work !!


period of 24 or 48 hours according to the department.




* For maximum freshness oysters are water outlets just before shipping!

They are placed flat in a wooden basket and covered with seaweed. The basket is then clamped machine stamped with a health label guaranteeing the packing date, the origin of the product and the health approval.

so your oysters will keep for about a week (cool) before cosommation.

* Deliveries are landemain before the 13: 00 (Monday to Saturday).

* No deliveries on Sundays and public holidays.

* Leave all the necessary information to the driver for full access to your home or workplace (access code to the gate, elevator, parking etc.)

* Remember to order your oysters in advance to ensure a sufficient period for the consideration of your commande.vous can for example order your oysters 2 weeks before the delivery date.

* Once your oysters delivered to your home, remove the plastic wrap and let the oysters in their basket rimmed, cool until they open.

* In case of problems contact the delivery sav 02 99 26 46 48

only emergency


bourriche bien cerclée




Warning frost and heat sources near!

Good tasting.




* Request a custom price for Committees and Associations
Send us an email with your details and your order huitres.cahue@orange.fr


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