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The life of an oyster




Oyster female expels her unfertilized eggs into the marine environment. As they arrive in the inhalation chamber, these eggs are projected by violent beating of the valve to several centimeters. The male expels the same way his sperm. Oysters can lay 20 to 100 thousand million eggs. Of these, he will only survive a dozen adults. Fertilization occurs in contact with the male seed, with the ocean current. Oysters 3 Important clutches per year: in June and July.

Several phenomena advance or retard the pundits: the water temperature, the salinity and oxygenation, the winds but the rains. An oyster larvae measuring 1/10 ° 2/10 ° of a millimeter. Larvae paraded by ocean currents seeking to settle on a support. The collectors are shells St Jacques, cups or plastic tubes. They are placed on tables at sea during the laying period in order to capture the oyster spat.

All these collectors must be clean, because the slightest veil of mud or algae prevents the larvae from attaching. Therefore, the collectors are not implemented only upon the occurrence of the larvae in water. After the capture of the oyster collectors will complete reparcer has Cancale for a period of about a year before being décolées from their support .a time unstuck they are placed in perforated bags of different diameters according to the size of the 'Oyster. They are then reparcées for a period of approximately 1 year where they are regularly transferred, that is to say that the bags will be returned to avoid the proliferation of algae and mix oysters contained in the pocket to ease their growth.

In breeding cycle medium oysters are removed from parks to be placed on a sorting chain where they will be successively washed détrokées (detached from each other) called into different mesh pocket depending on the size of the oyster to promote their dévellopement.
They will then be placed back on the broad parks where phytoplankton is more abundant.

Oysters, like all bivalves are filter shell. Its power arises from two actions: pumping and filtration. Oyster pump seawater to capture the necessary particle diet, and oxygen for breathing.
High in the wild, fed exclusively of the elements contained in sea water, the oyster is a low calorie food with exceptional nutritional qualities of vitamins and trace elements. It is consumed throughout the year according to their desires. Oysters are marketed in about 4 years old.


It will be delivered and weighed one by one in a grading determines the No. oyster depending on its weight:

Norme AFNOR :

N° 5 30 to 45 g
N° 4 46 to 65 g
N° 3 66 to 85 g
N° 2 86 to 110 g
N° 1 111 to 150 g

Our oysters will finally be sold in the markets we serve: Cancale, Betton, St Gregory and Cesson sevigné.



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