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Why natural oyster?

brittany oyster

Our family business cultivates oysters of Cancale for 4 generations and we attach great importance to perpetuate the traditional method of our culture while mechanizing course to ease this very physical job.

The arrival on the market of the oyster "triploid" and mortality problems in oysters has only reinforce our ideas about the importance of birth at sea. The traditional method "capture natural oysters" we differentiates us towards quality and expertise.

Our oyster beds allow us to sell our products exclusively oysters and we only buy from any oyster hatcheries.

we are traditional oyster farmers for the quality of oysters remains the same for our future generations will know who may be more fun to eat right!


Currently on the market there are two types of oysters :


Natural oysters, natural collection of outcome:


These oysters from parents born in the wild at sea and are deposited on the collectors that oyster farmers put on their oyster beds and then be harvested.
Then a long work about four years waiting to get the oyster farmers market has a beautiful oyster 3.


  Both logos certifying you the natural origin :



Triploid oysters, hatchery outcome (laboratory):

New variety of oyster oyster commonly called the four seasons, called to be consumed throughout the year, has been developed by researchers at the ifremer. Obtained by adding a chromosome pairs on each of the ten that have the cells natural oysters (called diploid). He was not acting as a O.G.M strictly.

The aim with this manipulation is to make sterile animal: indeed diploid oysters use two-thirds of their resources sugars for the production of gametes (that is why they are "milky" in summer). Thus modified, they devote most of their energy to grow fat, are marketable more quickly and can be eaten all year due to the absence of milt.


Our familly business is transmitted from four generations and we intend to continue our best job, that's why we choose to produce 100% natural and work with respect and well being of the oyster. So our children and grandchildren can still taste the delicious long "oysters CAHUE"

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