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How to open an oyster?




Procedure :  

1. Rinse and brush the shells.

2. Protect the hand that holds the oyster with a special glove (metal) or a cloth folded in several thicknesses.

3. Position the oyster correctly: lock (pointed side) toward you.

4. Insert the knife between the two parts of the shell, at the lock, give rotating movements knife advancing.

5. The lock gives way and the two shell halves are separated. Make sure that the oyster is not emptied.

6. Peel the muscle by pushing it with the blunt part of the knife.

7. Empty the water first before placing on the plate.

* Optional Tips

Before opening, keep oysters basket or flat in a cool place (outside).

Use a stiff blade knife.

Open your oysters at the last moment (when guests are there. If one of them takes pity and offers to do it yourself).

To decorate your dishes spread a bed of seaweed (night ice cream flavor).

Enjoy them without "slurp". Thank you

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